We love to serve our community  by volunteering and donating to different Organizations.

These are 4 Organizations where frequently donate or volunteer.


Vogel Alcove

Vogel Alcove serves as many as 200 children each day, allowing them to learn, grow and thrive in a place free from hunger or trauma. While their children are in our care, our parents, most of whom are single mothers, have the opportunity to work, look for work or go to school. We give homeless families a chance to overcome their circumstances.  YOU can help. 

Reconciliation Outreach

Reconciliation Outreach has a one year residential program for men and women who have life controlling problems such as addiction, homelessness, criminal history, abuse, and behavioral dysfunctions.  The programs provide intensive rehabilitation within a supportive therapeutic faith-based environment and allows each resident time to overcome their problems as they begin a new life. Our heart is fixed with grace upon grace, and we trust the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment. Our objective is to train residents to develop a biblical worldview so they can be reconciled in their relationships with God and others. Discipleship classes, computer classes, opportunities to gain a GED, accountable community and regular events are part of the program in order to instill our residents with the Word of God, give them practical ways to achieve new goals. They also provide after school programs and more. YOU can help. 

More Than A Refugee

A non-profit organization aimed at Championing, Collaborating and Creating opportunities for Refugees, Immigrants, Girl Child and Marginalized Populations. They do a lot in the community in areas of education, awareness, local street outreach, and more. YOU can help.

Local Disaster Relief Centers

Such as Trusted World Donation Center, these organizations accept donations during natural disasters and also need volunteers to help sort out and organize the items.