“Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.”Rom.12:10

An Open Seat at our table

In this fast paced world, we like to think that nothing has changed in the way that we interact. Social media is wonderful and helps us to keep in touch, by liking, sharing and commenting on each other’s posts but this cannot replace the warmth we feel when we do life face to face.

Our vision and mission is to create a place where authentic relationships and community can be formed. Open Seat offers the opportunity for sisterhood to be created intentionally. To be a safe haven, supporting those around us and welcoming them tothe Open Seat. Come alone or bring a friend and meet new people while enjoying a fabulous meal around the table. At our monthly meetings we will embrace each other's uniqueness, share stories, create memories and give each other a sense of belonging.

Our goal is to recreate the way we are supposed to live, communities that are built on sharing and doing away with loneliness, competition, and surface relationships. We believe that God writes the best stories and we want to be an echo of his voice through your journey.

Every woman needs to be able to celebrate and be uplifted as she journeys through life. This is a place to listen, to be known, to be heard and most importantly to be honored. Let us connect with each other. The attention to detail and excellent preparation will assist in making our gatherings at Open Seat special, but our priority is always to focus on the person sitting in that seat next to us. A meal always tastes better when it is shared. Sisters let us all sit together! Do you belong? The answer is always YES.

Let us join together as we eat, talk, and laugh. Sitting around the table, we will pass the platters and at every gathering we will share someone’s beautiful story. We are interested in yours and want to get to know you. There is room at our table; an Open Seat.