• || Gather and Serve || We are taking over Lunch time at Reconciliation Dallas on 6/24/2017.
    We are going to be eating with our friends . Reconciliation Outreach, is a non profit organization that has been serving the community for 30 years. They completely rely on donations, prayer, and volunteers. We could not think of a more perfect gathering for 6/24/2017 than spending time with our new friends. We are going to be cooking and sharing lunch with the residence in their rehabilitation program both men and women. People are more than the labels and what they have done. These men and women have decided to better their lives and are taking steps towards that destination. Why are we focusing on this specific group? Because sometimes on the road of recovery you need encouragement and someone to acknowledge the courage that fear will try to swallow. It is important for people to know when they are heading in the right direction that there are others who are willing to serve and support them. We are taking over lunch time!!! Cook, serve, and share with our new friends just like we would at any other Open Seat. If you would like to participate please sign up and we will contact you wither details. Feel free to also donate ♥️. Lets serve our community together!