This month is our Unfiltered Gathering and you are invited!!

Every time we gather together we get to share the stories that have shaped us into who we are. It is truly an honor when people decide to share their stories with each other. Every quarter, we get to host our Unfiltered Series and we get to hear one woman's story. She gets to share and we gain a deeper understanding of her. She decides what she wants us to receive, she shares with the intention to be deeply known and she shares with relevance. She gets to answer the questions she has secretly wished people would ask her. We get to listens, draw hope, affirm and more. By listening to these stories one can receive hope for their own personal journey. It will also creates the opportunity to speak life where death has been spoken, to echo hope where doubt lingers, and draw courage when needed. To be known and truly loved is a gift. Why Unfiltered? Because it reveals the depth of who we are, and stories are not always perfect but they are beautiful. 3/25/2017 we are continuing our series with Stacey and we are very excited!! What is your story? We would love to meet you. There are no strangers here, Come join us as we gather.